We have already had our second shuttlecock trainig in Košice!!! This all we thanks for Vanyo Emil!!! We are going to organize trainigs on every Wednesday!!!


Our gym!!! The beginning(Juhász Rita, Lázár Vera, Gebe Roland) Máté Réka, Matyi Tímea, Vanyo Emil, Tóth Csaba
Gebe Roland Tóth Csaba(Csibi):D Ötvös Tamás, Lázár Veronika
Štriho Tibor Gebe Roland és Tóth Csaba(duo) Gebe Roland, Totth Csaba, Matyi Tímea
Sivák Gábor, Vanyo Emil Štriho Tibor is explaining!!!:D Matyi Tímea's kick
Štriho Tibor's snake kick Štriho Tibor attacks the ball Lázár Veronika
Lázár Veronika's kick    

A little playing here!!!(Raček Ádám, Máté Réka)


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Kirlyálhelmec local government

Thanks for giving financial assistance!!!
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